Empowering Libraries to Shape the Discovery Experience

“The pleasure lies not in discovering truth, but in searching for it.”
(Leo Tolstoy, 1828-1910)
In the age of overwhelming quantities of information and ubiquitous search engines, library patrons have come to expect a quick, user-friendly and personalized discovery experience. Libraries, for their part, need to cater to different users, while clearly demonstrating the impact of their services.
Ex Libris Primo empowers libraries to shape the discovery experience, providing students, faculty and staff an intuitive, end-to-end service, and maximizing the value of library collections.
Delivering the experience that users demand
With Primo, discovery is encompassing, fast and personalized.
A single search interface provides a gateway to a wealth of scholarly content, including print, electronic and digital collections. Primo’s sophisticated search and relevance ranking algorithm ensures the most relevant results, based on the context of the search and the user’s profile.
  • Serendipitous discovery and exploration using automated recommendations, citation trails, and virtual browsing.
  • Discovery on-the-go from any device through an intuitive, mobile-ready user interface.
  • Personalized ranking, enabling users to set their discipline and search preferences to get the most relevant results
  • Flexible delivery options, including subscriptions, patron-driven acquisition, and pay-as-you-go
  • Complete neutrality in the exposure of content, irrespective of the content provider.
Maximizing the impact of the library
Primo helps libraries increase the impact of their collections, promote the visibility of library services, and demonstrate their value to decision-makers across academia.
  • Support for academic research through numerous academic resources available in Primo Central Index, with comprehensive metadata and full text coverage.
  • Rich analytics and reporting, providing insights to enhance user experience and optimize collection development.
  • Promotion of local content, enabling libraries to highlight unique collections.
  • Brand visibility, easily tailoring look and feel to create the library’s very own discovery environment.
  • Unique capabilities for library consortia, enhancing collaboration while maintaining flexibility for member institutions.
For enhanced impact, Primo services integrate with commonly used course management systems, institutional portals and other third-party campus software.
Together with Ex Libris Alma, Primo forms an end-to-end library management, discovery and delivery solution, delivering advanced patron services, integrated workflows, and joint analytics and reporting.
Supporting the art of librarianship
Primo increases the efficiency and effectiveness librarian services and day-to-day workflows.
  • Flexible configuration and customization, empowering librarians to adjust the ranking algorithm and control UI functionality.
  • Advanced harvesting and normalization of diverse content types from various systems.
  • Advanced classification options, enabling reference librarians to maximize materials exposure.
  • Highlight expertise and services by putting LibGuides at the top of the results list.
Join the Primo Community
A strong and active community of over 2,100 institutions around the world, large and small, use Primo to provide superior library discovery and deliver new services. The result is reduced operational costs and greater institutional value, as well as satisfied students and staff.
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